Traffic Accidents

Hitting Road Barrier and a Palm Tree – One fatality – Mamzar Lagoon.


Accident's Details:
The car involved in the accident, a blue BMW, was heading to Al Qasba Square, coming from the direction of Tawun Road, taking the right lane of Al Mamzar Lagoon Road. As a consequence of motorist's failure to stick to traffic rules in terms of keeping in lane, the car has veered off to the right and then off the road. Due to over speed, motorist lost control over his vehicle causing it to swerve again to the right direction and move horizontally on the road for a distance of 99 meters. The car then collided with road barrier; moved over it for a distance of 20 meters before forcefully bumping against a palm tree. Palm tree was uprooted and car settled overturned near it. Accident claimed motorist's life and resulted in a total damage to the car and the palm tree. Accident was hence caused by the motorist for committing the following mistakes:
• Negligent and careless driving.
• Over speed.
• Driving in a way which endangers lives of road users (dangerous driving).
• Failure to keep in lane.

Collision Involving Two Vehicles - Overturn – One fatality – Emirates Road


The first vehicle involved in the accidents, a white Toyota Corolla...

Traffic accident involving two vehicles + hitting road barrier + two fatalities – Sheikh Khalid bin Sultan Road.


Coming from Sheikh Saood Square intersection, the first car involved in the accident, a white Camry was heading...

Vertical Collision resulted in one fatality - Hamriyah Free Zone


Issuing from Hamriyah Free Zone heading to one route leading to the main gate, taking the right lane...

Two vehicles' collision resulting in one fatality - Emirates Road


Coming from intersection No 7, heading to Falj Al Mulla interaction, taking the right lane of Emirates Road, motorist of the first car involved in the accident, A STEYR

Side collision involving two vehicles – Al Dhaid City


The first car involved in the accident (Toyota corolla) was heading to Farms Area

Hitting cement barrier + collision of two vehicles + over-turn accident + Four persons killed - on Mulliaha Road


Accident occurred as a Black Honda Accord vehicle

Front collision + four fatalities – Al Rahmaniya Area


The first involved car (white Mitsubishi) was coming

Hitting bridge and instruction boards + fatality - Mulliaha Road – University bridge intersection


Accident occurred as a Mercedes towing truck was

Overturn accident + one fatality – Mulliaha Road


Accident occurred as a white Nissan vehicle was

Pile – up collision – University City Road


Accident occurred as a silver Toyota Corolla was

Barrier collision+ Overturn+ One fatality – Mullaiha Road


The first car involved in the accident was a white Land Cruiser which was issuing from Nazaui intersection on Mullaiha Road heading to Al Khuaneej Road, taking the left lane. And due to failure of motorist to adhere to traffic rules

Barrier collision + Two vehicles' collision + Hitting Cement barrier – Sheikh Khalid Bin Mohammed Road.


The first vehicle involved in the accident was a silver Mercedes which was coming from Mohammed Bin Obeid Al Joruan Square heading to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Sultan Bu Alian intersection, taking the right lane of the road. Upon approaching the said square, the driver has

Pile – up accident + One fatality + Ring Road – Industrial Area No 15.


As the first car involved in the accident, a Volvo one, was issuing form Sahara Center road heading to the intersection of the Ring Road, taking the right lane on the direction of Industrial Area No 7, and entered the exit, another Silver Ford Car was parked at the end of the exit as it committed a

Collision involving two vehicles + Hitting road barrier – Park Road.


The first car involved in the collision accident , a russet Land Cruiser was issuing from Coral Beach Square, heading to Sharjah Ladies Park Club square, taking the right lane. Due to failure of the driver to adhere to traffic rules, the car veered off

Two vehicles' collision + Hitting cement barrier + One fatality – Al Dhaid Road – Al Madam


The first car involved in the accident, a white Lexus was coming from Camel Race Course Square Junction in Mullaiha Area, heading to Al Madam Area, taking right lane. The second car, a Land Cruiser was coming on the left lane of the same

Overturn + One fatality – Mullaiha Road


The car involved in the accident, a white Land Cruiser was coming from Mulliaha Area junction, heading to Mahafiz junction, taking the right lane. And due to failure of driver to abide by traffic rules; over speeding and failure to give full

Vehicle overturn + One fatality – Al Rahmaniya – Internal Road


The car involved in the accident, a golden Suzuki Station, was coming from Shabiyaht Al Rahmaniya, heading to Intersection No 6 on Al Dhaid Road. It was taking the right lane, and due to failure of

Side collision involving two vehicles+ Sheikh Mohammed Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Road


The first car involved in the accident, a Mercedes Salon was issuing from Cultural Palace Square, heading to Sheikh Mohammed bin Sultan Bu Alian Square. When the car approached the intersection, it stopped on the second lane from



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