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Security and safety are indispensable for people, and wherever they are their life is valueless if they don’t feel safe and secured by vigilant security staff who burns the midnight oil to achieve that end

With this end in view, and out of our belief in the paramount importance of the role of community members in realizing safety and security within their community, we introduced the new security service Najeed. This newly- introduced service is created to receive information and tip offs about crimes or any other threats posing danger to the stability of society, from every individual dedicated to the security of his society.

Society security is a collective responsibility, and individuals with their information which may not be accessible or available to police can potentially help in realizing security and preventing crimes. Participation in realizing security within society is a duty and obligation of every individual towards this country. Najeed is a safe and prompt security service intended to boost communication between members of community and Sharjah Police which will conduce finally to realize security and safety within society. Therefore, we urge everyone to do his community a yeoman's service by taking part in this service, so that we together keep society safe and secure.


  • Najeed Security Service provides people with multi communication means:
  • The service is 24\7.
  • Flexibility in the process of receiving information and reports
  • All kinds of information and reports are dealt with by a highly qualified staff
  • Confidentiality and privacy of information are assured
  • Callers will be fully protected.
  • Callers will not be held legally liable
  • The service receives all kinds of information in all fields irrespective of quantity


  • Boosting the sense of responsibility on people by getting them involved in the protection of their society against any menaces through the information they communicate to Najeed Service. .
  • Stressing the role of the public – both locals and residents - in safeguarding their community
  • Providing the public with an accessible, safe communication channel.
  • Stressing the paramount importance of information provided by people in establishing stability and security within society.
  • Fostering community partnership concept, and the indispensable role of people in making a crime – free society.

The Scope

  • Crime prevention.
  • Taking part in the arrest of criminals.
  • Suspecting likely criminals.
  • Receiving labor strikes' reports.
  • Receiving information on the existence of dangerous objects
  • Receiving calls asking for help in case of assault.
  • Receiving information on any menaces posing danger to society's stability.
  • Receiving information on national security threats.
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